HOM Freshing and Happy Perfume Deodorant Spray


perfume for men



If you have odors at underarm.
If you have odors at foot.
If you have odors at outlet genital.

"HOM" Deodorant Perfume Spray. 

✔️0% Alcohol. Not compressed gas. 

✔️Does not irritate the skin.

✔️One bottle uses deodorant on the underarms, feet and outer genitals in man and woman.

✔️Can use instead of aftershave when you have finished shaving.

✔️Size 30ml. Can use 300 spray (Customers used to tell us that it can used last for 3-4 months per bottle)

✔️There are 6 soft scents to choose from.

HOM Freshing and Happy Deodorant Spray. Have soft smell. Give a bright feeling and feel fresh. 


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