HOM Men Deodorant Perfume Spray


perfume for men



If you have odors at underarm.
If you have odors at foot.
If you have odors at genital

"HOM" Deodorant Perfume Spray. 

✔️0% Alcohol. Not compressed gas. 

✔️Does not irritate the skin.

✔️One bottle uses deodorant on the underarms, feet and outer genitals.

✔️Can use instead of aftershave when you have finished shaving.

✔️Size 30ml. Can use 300 spray (Customers used to tell us that it can used last for 3-4 months per bottle)

✔️There are 6 soft scents to choose from.

HOM Men Deodorant Spray. Have soft smell. Give a smart feeling and feel spot. 


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